VFX with extras.

Come join the party.

Cumulus VFX is not like every other studio …. we like to do things a little differently. By utilising our proprietary software Syclone, Cumulus VFX takes the meaning of collaboration to a whole new level. We not only work on films as an independent visual effects provider, but we also give studios the ability to bolster up their internal team by aggregating our studio resources with their own. We have the ability to adapt to nearly any workflow, with any company in the world. We are also happy to take the lead and distribute work to other trusted resources to redefine the landscape of VFX forever.

For more information about Syclone, please contact us at info@syclone.co

Hosting the full range of VFX knowledge with both internal and external contractors, Cumulus VFX has you covered for all your Visual Effects needs. Leaving nothing to chance. Cumulus VFX is up to date with all the latest industry software and hardware including the full range of Foundry tools, Maya with Vray and Houdini to name a few. Constantly looking to far horizons, we obsess over the latest tech and are constantly looking for the best solutions around the world – including building our own custom tools and exploring internal projects such as Virtual Reality Content/Experiences.

Right there from the start, Cumulus VFX will work together with you to derive a plan to achieve your visual goal, even at the pitch stage. With our access to some of the best concept artists in the world and our ability to direct pre-visualisation, we can help you sell your vision to world before you have even turned over. We will also help establish the look of your vision by inviting you to come and brainstorm your concepts and utilise our wealth of knowledge, talent and creativity to help you uncover a world of possibilities you may not even know exist, even on a tight budget.

All the way until the end, Cumulus VFX will ensure your vision is delivered at the highest level of quality and respect. This guarantee starts from the moment you start producing content until the very last backup has been archived.

Our postproduction facilities and staff will ensure you have the right tools to bring your vision to life, from data wrangling to colour management, down to general workflow and shot tracking.

Equally important, is the utter beauty of the surroundings we offer to you, giving you peace of mind while dealing with the stresses of postproduction. Nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, this is without a doubt one of the most idyllic post locations in the world.

Think big and we will work out how to get you there. Always up for a challenge, our team of nerds will help you discover the new frontiers of this ever-changing world of digital content, from Virtual Reality to Large Scale Projection. We have the patience and dedication to find what it is that sets your vision apart from the rest – and deliver it in a way that will catch the attention of anyone who views it.

Powered By NUKE

Cumulus VFX uses Nuke to perform some of the most difficult of compositing challenges.Cumulus VFX covers a wide range of tasks from rig-removal to full blown 3D set-extensions. Whatever your needs are, Cumulus VFX is all over it.

Generated By MODO

Cumulus VFX uses Modo as our in house 3D package. Modelling, rigging, animation, dynamics, and environment generation is excellent in modo. We believe that Modo is the way forward for visual effects. With a close connection to Nuke and Mari’s future, Modo will be next to none.

3D in MAYA

Cumulus VFX uses Maya for all things 3D. Maya is the industry standard for 3D animation, lighting, and rigging. We use Maya to make sure we can seamlessly collaborate with other studios and have access to a more diverse range of 3D artists.

Textured With MARI

Cumulus VFX uses Mari for a fluid and flexible way to paint directly onto 3D models. Mari allows the ‘next-level’ of texture detailing to be a reality.

Sculpted in ZBRUSH

Cumulus uses ZBrush to sculpt 3D geometry into organic art forms. All the fine detail that makes our CG photoreal is generated with ZBrush.

Simulated with HOUDINI

Cumulus VFX uses Houdini for all our simulated needs. Smoke, fire, explosions, particles, clouds, you name it, it’s all generated within Houdini’s powerful node based 3D pipeline.


Cumulus VFX uses Photoshop for all image editing, retouching, digital painting, and matte painting. Nothing is impossible with Photoshop.


Cumulus VFX uses After Effects for motion graphics and 2D animation. If you want it to move, After Effects will handle it.

Tracked With SYNTHEYES

Cumulus VFX uses Syntheyes to solve the shakiest of camera movements. Camera tracking is the first step in the visual effects pipeline and Syntheyes does an excellent job.