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Every step of the way

See how we roll?

With a diverse wealth of knowledge across all disciples of filmmaking, Cumulus VFX thrives on the creative process of telling a story from start to finish. From conceptual art to storyboards and all the way down the pipe to the edit and DI, Cumulus VFX can pave the way to deliver any visual spectacle without compromise.

While many production houses only specialise in the usual facets of the visual effects process, at Cumulus VFX we use our cutting edge technology to seamlessly deliver visual effects to any story right from the get go.

Using the latest industry tools, combined with our specialist skills and knowledge, we pride ourselves on our problem solving skills to help filmmakers’ bring their visual treatments to life.

With our low overheads and competitive pricing, we make visual effects affordable by delivering more for less outlay.

Stage One. Budgeting.

Cumulus VFX will help you through every stage of the process and devise cost effective solutions for your visual effects needs based on your budget. We start the process by understanding you, your audience, and your story in order to plan and execute your VFX vision.


Once we have an understanding of the landscape of your project, we will break down the story into a digestible format and openly budget exactly what is required to execute the requisite stages of your project.

Stage Two. Pre-Production.

Once we have an understanding of your budget, we can start to compose the visual look with conceptual art, storyboards, pre-visualisation and VFX processes, including onset needs, RnD and schedules. This stage of the process is essential to ensuring we have an understanding of how the end result will come together. This not only saves time, money and resources, but also aids the visual spectacle that your story deserves.

Stage Three. Production.

Cumulus VFX draws on its extensive knowledge of the top tier of visual effects and filmmaking to deliver a solid strategy for the execution of production. We understand the pressure of the shoot and provide nothing but our full support to making the shoot process as painless as can be. We can provide all your postproduction processes throughout the shoot including;


  • Post production supervision
  • VFX supervisor
  • VFX data wrangling
  • VFX asset acquisition
  • Conform editor
  • Rushes review
  • Data backup
  • Onset Color Management

Stage Four. Post-Production.

Now that the shoot is complete, it is time bring all the hard work together. At Cumulus VFX headquarters we aim to provide a stress-free, creative environment for you to complete your film. Strategically located in the blissful surroundings of Australia’s favourite destination, Byron Bay, we draw on the fresh air, amazing food and infectious creative culture to give you the most idyllic post-environment you could ever imagine. We offer you access to;


  • Edit and grade facilities
  • State of the art technology
  • Professional VFX team
  • Meeting rooms
  • Accommodation
  • and all other services needed to make post enjoyable