Cumulus VFX Studios produce stunning Visual Effects for Film, Television and other visual mediums. We look after every step in your production, from development, shoot supervision, edit, VFX, grading through to final delivery.

We’re a team of experienced producers, artists and developers who handle look-development, 3D asset build, matte painting, roto, tracking, clean up, lighting, compositing and virtual reality (VR).

Cumulus VFX is huge supporter of Australian and International independent filmmakers and specialise in developing innovative strategies to support any creative vision. We can collaborate closely with other studios, big or small on any VFX project.

Located among the idyllic surrounds of Byron Bay, Cumulus VFX Studios uses custom remote data management software Syclone to ensure efficient and fast data transfer and communication, no matter where you’re located.

We engage with directors to make your visual effects dreams a reality.