In the year 2067, Earth is on the verge of collapse. After years of doing too little to reverse climate change, humans are paying a terrible price – we have deforested the planet and there is no available natural oxygen.

In this grey, dying world, the synthetic oxygen we now rely on is making people sick, and soon humankind will be extinct. With no cure in sight, the only place humanity can look for help is the future – in the hope our descendants have survived and can teach us how to save the planet.

Chronicorp, the world’s leading supplier of oxygen, has spearheaded that project. On the eve of cracking time-travel, they receive a message from 400 years in the future: “Send Ethan Whyte.”

Ethan is a utility worker at Chronicorp; seemingly a nobody. Haunted by brutal visions of his childhood and of a father who abandoned him, Ethan will do anything to not abandon his own family. But the future calls for him and the people in charge of this project aren’t going to disappoint their saviours. Encouragement from Jude, his surrogate big brother, and promises from Chronicorp that they will help Ethan’s sick wife, finally convince him to go.

Ethan barrels into the future as humanity’s last hope. He arrives into a new world – lush, green and… alone. Ethan was led to believe that the future would give him answers, but there are only more questions: if he’s the only one here, who sent that message?

Ethan is presented time and time again with proof that he cannot change his own destiny, that nothing he does will allow him to protect his beloved wife and that every action he takes is preordained by fate.

As he draws nearer to the truth, Ethan is forced to make a choice that will change not only the very fabric of reality, but also the fate of his loved ones and all of humankind. And in order to do so, he has to find a courage deep inside himself to consider sacrificing the world he knows and the people he loves, forever.

Full of twists, intrigue, and excitement, 2067 is a new sci-fi mystery thriller in the tradition of MOON, DISTRICT 9 and ARRIVAL.

Cumulus is currently working on 100 bespoke VFX shots to enhance and propel the story forward.