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The Company

Cumulus resides in the new Habitat Precinct which embodies the Byron Bay lifestyle. Only 5 mins from the beach and surrounded amazing scenery, it is a community for likeminded creatives who value business, sustainability and work-life balance. View:

Established in 2010, Cumulus VFX started from the humble beginnings of our founder, William Gammon’s garage. Armed with a laptop and a vision to create remote visual effects as a service, Will quickly tapped into the independent film market, offering cost effective solutions to low budget films. Now, having proved an effective workflow, Cumulus VFX takes on larger packages of work from local and internationals clients for VFX, post production and beyond.

Will Gammon

Founder/VFX Supervisor

Will Gammon, Founding Owner and VFX
Supervisor of Cumulus has gained the respect
and trust of many Australian and international
clients, whilst accomplishing a steady growth of his
business and staff.

As a business owner, Will has used his problem
solving skills to overcome some of the challenges
of the Visual Effects industry to build a unique
offering to both his staff and clients, with
proprietary tools such as ‘Syclone’ and a diverse
range of services including Post Production through
partner company ‘Elements Post Production’ and
now a Sydney based office for Cumulus.

Will started his career in 2001 working for
Australia’s ‘Rising Sun Pictures’, where he
established his skills as a compositor for 9 years.
Over those years he worked on many Hollywood
films such as multiple ‘Harry Potter’ and
‘Lord of the Rings’ films.

In 2010, Will transitioned to Animal Logic to
sequence lead on ‘Legend of the Guardians’ and
‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2’.

Will established himself in Sydney and engaged
with various studios like Fuel VFX and Dr. D on
‘Happy Feet 2’ to solve high complexity compositing
and stereoscopic challenges on key sequences to
roll out to the compositing team.

Dan Bethell

VFX Supervisor

Dan Bethell is a VES Award-winning VFX
Supervisor and is currently second unit VFX
Supervisor on Peter Rabbit 2.

Dan made his mark as 2nd Unit as On-Set VFX
Supervisor for Mad Max: Fury Road and Post-shoot,
and then became one of the founding members of
the Method Studios Sydney.

In addition, he was Sequence Supervisor for
the Toxic Storm, for which he earned his VES
achievement and then subsequently promoted to
VFX Supervisor for Netflix’s ‘First they Killed
my Father’ before going on to supervise Marvel’s
‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
for Method Studios Sydney.

In 2018, Dan supervised over 600 shots on Netflix’s
‘Outlaw King’ and acted as 2nd Unit On-Set VFX
Supervisor for the project.

Dan’s career began at Bournemouth University
in 1996, and prior to Sydney, Dan worked as CG
Supervisor at Rising Sun Pictures and as R&D
Lead at MPC London.

Gabrielle Joosten

VFX Producer

Gabrielle Joosten Partner and Producer at Cumulus VFX
and founder of partner company ‘Elements Post
Production’ has successfully grown both companies,
attracting work from Australia and abroad.

She started her career in 1996 in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. After a start in ad-land, working for
Y&R, she transitioned to VFX & post production
where she produced many Dutch films, TV series
and commercials incorporating her passion for
moving images.

In Paris, she managed a boutique VFX & post
production company and produced high end
commercials and music videos.

Animation/VFX brought her to Sydney, Australia,
where she worked on the production team of animated
features ‘Legend of the Guardians’ and ‘Happy Feet
2’. She played a crucial role in producing Blinky
Bill the Movie, has been involved in the production
of TV series; Bottersnikes & Gumbles and Kazoops,
having produced many high end TV commercials
and innovative visual content.

With over two decades of production experience,
Gabrielle’s passion for imagery and creating content
doesn’t have creative boundaries, time or place – she
brings everything to the table to make it happen.

Simon Reeves

Executive Producer

Simon Reeves, Executive Producer collaborates
directly with producers during pre-production,
refining approaches and methodologies in order to
achieve the best outcome for creative vision while
meeting budget targets.

Simon’s first foray into VFX came about when
he joined MPC London in 2011 as a Production
Accountant. His focus was new business and dedicated
his time to running all new project evaluations.

Working alongside MPC’s supervision team, Simon
progressed to the role of Business Development
manager, where he bid all new shows globally.

This included CG heavyweight projects such as The
Jungle Book to more 2D focused projects like James
Bond’s Spectre.

Simon moved to Method Studios Sydney where he
was then promoted to the role of Global Bidding
Producer and Supervisor recruitment, where he
booked work including; Deadpool 2, Fantastic Beasts:
Crimes of Gringlewold, The Christmas Chronicles,
Skyscraper, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Bright and
Outlaw King.

Previously to working in VFX, Simon was a financial
analyst working for BBC Worldwide in London.