Josh Lawson (House of Lies, Anchorman 2) leads a stellar cast for the upcoming Paul Hogan biographical project from FremantleMedia Australia (FMA) for Channel Seven.

Brisbane born NIDA graduate and LA resident Lawson has returned to Australia to play Paul Hogan – the original working class everyman who became an Oscar-nominated superstar known globally as Hoges. Lawson will be donning the famous workboots, stubbies and flannie of the Aussie legend Hogan, a much-loved and larger-than-life character.

This mini-series is the story of a rare comedic talent who, while working as a labourer on the Harbour Bridge, broke into Australian television and eventually the world stage. Through the relationships and factors that helped shape Hoges’ remarkable success, it looks at the life of the man who says he just played himself and in so doing captured the heart of Australia and the world.

Joining Lawson are Justine Clarke (Tangle, Time Of Our Lives) as Noelene Hogan – Hogan’s partner in crime, his equal in wit and sparkle, one of just a handful of true peers in his life; and Ryan Corr (Banished, Packed To The Rafters) as John Cornell aka ‘Strop’ – the brains to Hoges’ funny bone, his wingman, his best friend.

Also starring are Laura Gordon (Winners & Losers, Mrs Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) as Linda Kozlowski, Nikki Osborn (Granny Smith, The Mystery of Natalie Wood) as Delvene Delaney, Sean Keenan (Lockie Leonard, Puberty Blues, Glitch) as Young Paul and Marny Kennedy (Mortified, The Saddle Club) as Young Noelene.

Josh Lawson said: “Paul Hogan has always been one of my heroes, so this role is as exciting as it is challenging. He’s such an iconic figure. Everyone loves Hoges and one of his great gifts was making audiences feel like we really knew him. But there’s so much of his life that many people don’t know about and I’m thrilled that I get to be a part of telling his incredible story. And to be able to make this back in my hometown of Brisbane just makes it all the more special for me.”

Justine Clarke said: “We all know parts of the Paul Hogan story, but there are many parts that I think will be a revelation for our audience. I’m pleased we’ll get to see his family life and how important that was to him and how much love and support was surrounding him. Often when we think of successful people it’s as a lone person but there are so many people who help lift them; that’s the story that I’m interested in.”

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